Builders Pantheon

Builders Pantheon was started in February 1990, on Valentines Day to be exact. This really shows our love and passion for engineering! Our founder Somadosa Kariyawasam finished his engineering studies in Sri Lanka and immediately got to work.


He worked for a state engineering cooperation  in Sri Lanka for 5 years before deciding to do work in the Middle East. Upon making this decision, he put his all into this work for about 8 years. It was at this time that he decided he wanted to provide specialized services to individuals himself. He wanted to be personally responsible for bringing amazing architecture to life through engineering. This is when he took the chance by returning to Sri Lanka to establish his own construction engineering company.

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What we have done?

We have done nothing but grow ever since.

Builders Pantheon takes great pride in the growth and reputation of our company. Given the hardworking background of our founder, we know the value of hard work. Knowing it was not an easy road, we have established a desirable reputation, focusing on our local area in order to provide the best constructional engineering we can possible provide.


We are still on the same journey Somadosa was in desiring to be personally responsible, as well as fully capable, for bringing amazing architecture to life through our constructional engineering services.