Whatever you may be looking for, Builders Pantheon has experience in a number of areas. This long-time experience provides us the opportunity to perform and produce work you will trust and love.

Building Contracts

Large structures can take some time to complete. There may also be many different moving parts and different specialists necessary to complete the job. We enjoy taking on your biggest of projects with our building contracts. Building contracts allow for clients to have a constructional engineer on hand throughout every phase of new construction, whether it be a new housing development or a commercial property. No matter the project, we take pride in our contract work!


We understand it can be difficult to follow if you don’t fully understand construction or engineering work. We are more than happy to consult on any project you may have in order to offer our professional opinion when necessary. Whether it be a large or small project, having professionals with 30 years worth of service may prove to be a great investment in the long run.

Residential Renovations

Whether you have purchased a fixer upper, or you are just looking to make additions or cosmetic changes to your existing residence, our residential renovations help provide the dream home you have been waiting on. Be it a complete home renovation or just one room, we specialize in ensuring you are happier with your finished product.

Material Suppliers

Materials are essential when doing any construction or engineering work. Builders Pantheon prides ourselves on supplying our own materials as well as supplying materials to you if need be. This can save time and money. Instead of going to many different businesses, get everything you may need right here with us.

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